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Safety professionals are change agents. You create change at all levels of the organisation. At an individual level, you influence personnel to change the way they work. At a business level you change the way the business unit operates and at an organisational level you change the way the organisation carries out its business. In addition, you need to be aware of and be able and willing to discuss the safety impact of proposed changes initiated in other parts of the business. 

This 2-day Change Management workshop for Safety Professionals program is designed to support your development and implementation of change at all levels of your organisation from changing procedures to changing culture. You will learn about  the integrated nature of organisational change, the steps involved in change and ways to manage resistance. As we recognise change only occurs through people, the course focus is on the human aspect of change initiatives.

Key Learning Objectives

By attending this Change Management Workshop, Safety Professionals should improve their understanding of and effectiveness in implementing and leading change. Specifically you should be able to:

  •  Describe your safety leadership role as a Change Agent;
  • Describe the characteristics of successful and unsuccessful change initiatives;
  • Apply several commonly used organisational change approaches to your change initiatives;
  • Explain the integrated, systems nature, of organisations and how the importance of identifying the impact of change on all organisation systems— avoid or reduce “unforeseen” consequences;
  • Describe why employees resist change, how this is normal human behaviour;
  • Explain strategies to overcome change resistance;
  • Design, implement and review change initiatives;
  • Use a variety of tools and techniques such as consultation and key stakeholder analysis, that help facilitate individual and organisational change;
  • Apply your personal skills to influence change,

and have reviewed a change initiative against workshop learning.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of Safety Professionals responsible for creating  individual, work unit and organisational safety change.

This workshop can also be tailored and provided in-house.

Broad Themes and Content

Safety Professionals as Change Agents

  •  Role of Safety Professionals in organisational change: 

– Creating and managing change 

– Influencing change that impacts on safety 

  • Understanding of the impact of change
  • Supporting and preparing for impending changes
  • Critical factors in success of change

Organizational Change

  •  Understanding why in excess of 50% change efforts fail fully meet expectations.
  • Recognising that change is made by people who adopt new attitudes and behaviours.
  • Understanding the holistic nature of change – that a change in one area must have an impact elsewhere.
  • The importance of aligning changes with culture
  • Strategies to identify the consequences of change
  • Popular Change models that focus on the organisation 

– Kotter’s 8 Step Model for Change 

– Lewin’s Three Stage Change Model 

– Prosci Enterprise Change Management 

 Why People Respond the Way They do to Change 

  • Identifying and appreciating the reactions to change
  • Understanding the emotional reactions to change
  • Applying strategies that help personnel change: 

– ADKAR Model for Change Management 

– Kubler Ross Change Curve 

 Change Leadership 

  • Preparing for Change
  • Understanding yourself and change
  • Change Management Techniques
  • Building Support
  • Influencing Responses to Change
  • Change monitoring and feedback
  • Change Leadership Skills 

 Reality Check 

Review changes/a change happening in their organisation and evaluate it against workshop learning. 

Post Workshop Follow-up 

Approximately 1 month after the workshop we follow up with participants on their Action Plan progress.    

Workshop brochure can be downloaded here Change Management for Safety Professionals 

Sydney 2020 dates to be advised
Melbourne 2020 dates to be advised
Brisbane 2020 dates to be advised
Perth 2020 dates to be advised
Hobart  2020 dates to be advised