About Safety Leadership Development

Most incidents have their genesis well before their time of occurrence.

Incidents usually have many factors that contribute to their occurrence, however incident investigations often don’t identify all of them.

Behaviour of all employees in a company contribute to most incidents, not just the behaviour of the employee/s directly involved.

Safety – An Integrated Approach

Safety Leadership Development was formed with the goal of supporting organisations resolve the challenges from the statements above by helping them move their safety focus from primarily compliance at the work site to total integration with all other organisational activities.

We recognise that most organisations have existing culture as well as leadership and organisational development activities and methodologies. Unless you have a specific need to do something different, we prefer to integrate our work with your existing organisational development activities rather than introduce new approaches. By dong this we:

  • demonstrate to your personnel that safety leadership, safety culture and safety behaviour is integrated with not separate from your organisation;
  • support and strengthen your initiatives;
  • avoid conflict with your other developmental activities.

Building Sustainable, Integrated Culture

We recognise that it can be challenging to have a holistic view of the role of safety in the current environment due to the constant focus from regulators and others on legislative and procedural compliance. We work with organisations to overcome these challenges so they are able to build a sustainable, integrated organisational and culture where safety is part of and aligned with all business activities.

Structured Methodology

To support organisations achieve this integration, Safety Culture Development uses a structured approach based on the following two principles:

Organisational Alignment:

All organisational activities must be aligned to achieve the company vision. Our approach to organsational safety culture alignment can be found  at Enabling your Safety Vision to be Achieved

Safety Culture Integrity:

There should only be one culture and that is the organisations culture. The Safety Culture must reflect that. Our Safety Culture Integrity System provides the overarching structure that guides our work. The video Safety Integrity System – produced by Safety X, provides an overview of the key Safety Integrity principles. A brochure outlining the approach is contained at Safety Integrity System brochure

Clarification and Alignment of Safety Culture

Guided by the above principles, we assist organizations achieve business outcomes through the clarification and alignment of their safety culture with the organizations culture.

Return on Investment (ROI) Focus

We have a business focus and recognise that there needs to be a Return on Investment i.e. the company needs to be a better company as a result of the safety culture consultancy we provide.

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Companies that Safety Culture Development consultants have consulted to and managed safety culture and safety leadership projects with include :

Oil Search
Worley Parsons
Weatherford Drilling
Carigali Hess
Farstad Shipping
Bristow Group
Grey Wolf Drilling