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Many organisational decisions made by managers, as well as their and employee behaviour, generally,  impacts on the Health, Safety and Wellbeing of personnel who work in our organisations.  Much of the time, they are unaware of the Health, Safety or Wellbeing impact. It is the role of the Safety Professional to influence Managers and Employees so they:

  • Are aware of the impact their decisions and behaviour has on people;
  • Do consider Health, Safety and Wellbeing in their decisions;
  • Do change behaviour to achieve a positive impact on personnel within our organisations.

This challenging workshop is designed to;

  • Expand your thinking of the extent of your “Circle of influence” to take a holistic view of safety in your organisation;
  • Develop your influencing competency;
  • Develop influencing strategies to use in response to key reasons why people behave the way they do. e.g in change and conflict.
Key Learning Objectives

After this workshop, you should be able to:

  • Describe the breadth of the opportunity for Safety Professionals to influence safety and business outcomes;
  • Adapt your influencing approach in response to the situation to achieve desired safety outcomes;
  • Build and maintain trusting relationships across the business to broaden your personal sphere of influence;
  • Build personal credibility so when your views are expressed they are respected and listened to; 
  • Present proposals and changes in a mindful, objective and evidenced base way to achieve greater acceptance. 
  • Use a business focussed approach to increase influence.

Who Should Attend

Workplace Safety Professionals who are accountable for influencing others across the organisation to accept personal responsibility for workplace safety.

Topics Covered in this Workshop

The following content is covered over the 2 days.

Pre workshop reading and preparation

There will be several key readings and some preparation prior to attending the workshop

Who Safety Professionals Influence
  • The scope of influence for Safety Professionals;
  • Safety maturity and the opportunity for influence;
  • Interrelationship of organisational activity and safety.
Defining Influence
  • What influence is and isn’t;
  • Difference between Influence, Persuasion, Coercion and Manipulation;
  • Expanding your Circle of Influence.
  • Influencing Styles
Developing your Influencing Competency
  • Your DiSC profile and Influence. 
    DiSC helps you to:
    Understand your workplace behaviour, communication and relationship preferences;
    What that means for your organisational influence, your strengths and weaknesses and development opportunities.
  • “Push” and “Pull” approaches to influence;
  •  What that means for your organisational influence, your strengths and development opportunities. 
Key Organisational Development principles and Influence
  • Organisational Alignment;
  • Why people do what they do: – Beliefs, Values and Safety  Behaviour, Motivation, Habits;
  • Influencing Change – Why people sometimes resist change and influencing strategies for the different stages of change;
  • Influencing the Outcome of Conflict – Using different conflict styles to influence outcomes as described in the Thomas-Kilmann approach to conflict handling. 
Aligning Safety with the Business
  •   Aligning Self with the Business;
  •  Taking a Customer Focus;
  •  Using a Cost –Benefit business approach to initiatives and proposals;
  •  Using evidence based arguments and having an enquiring mind.
Building and Maintaining Trusting Relationships
  • Importance of trust in influencing;
  • Building and maintaining trusting relationships — your personal “Trust Bank”;
  • How to rebuild lost trust;
  • Using the ABC approach to influence;
  • Changing communication to Adult to Adult interactions. (using Transactional Analysis to influence);
  • Changing relationships from Drama Triangle to Influencing Cycle.
Developing your Influencing Strategy 
  • Aligning you safety strategy with the organisation.
Applying Learning
  • Participants apply workshop learning to several safety related situations, including to a current work issue. 
Planning for Return to Work
  • Develop an Action Plan to resolve a work related influencing issue.
Post Workshop Follow-up
  • Approximately 1 month after the workshop we will follow up with participants on their Action Plan progress and provide support where needed.

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Melbourne 10th and 11th October 2017

Sydney 17th and 18th October 2017

Brisbane  21st and 22nd November

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